Google Talk/Sites/Tasks

Google Talk is an instant messaging service integrated with Google Hangout. The application allows for text and voice communication.

Google Sites is a structured wiki- and Web page-creation tool offered by Google as part of the Google Apps for Work productivity suite. The goal of Google Sites is for anyone to be able to create a team-oriented site where multiple people can collaborate and share files.

Google Tasks helps users keep track of the things they need to do. They can create lists of items, set due dates and notes, and even add Gmail messages directly to Tasks.


Google Tasks works in both Google email (Gmail) and Google Calendar. A task created in one will appear (on the same list) in the other application. If you create a task in Gmail, and add a due date or event date, the task will appear in Google Calendar in the list at the top of that date.


EMU does not recommend sharing or storing confidential information of the user, or private information of others without specific consent on Google Talk, Sites, or Tasks.

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Using Google Talk/Sites/Tasks

The permitted (Yes), the not permitted (No), and those needing to contact I.T. (Contact I.T.) are listed in three columns in the matrix below.


  • Attorney/Client Privilege
  • I.T. Security Information
  • Private Personal Information
  • Student Education Records (FERPA)
  • Other Sensitive University Data


  • All Other Research Data
  • Protected Health Information (HIPAA)
  • Credit Card Information (PCI)
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)
  • Sensitive Human Subject Research
  • Student Loan Application Information (GLBA)

Contact IT

  • N/A
Note: Don't see what you need? Email the I.T. Security Team at [email protected].

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