Sync Banner Password

You need to sync your Banner/NetID password before you can log in to Application Xtender Image Capture, Application Xtender Document Manager, or AppXtender Web for the first time or any time you change your Banner/NetID password.

Note: See Requesting Banner Access to request access to Banner and AppXtender for the Web.

Follow these directions to sync your Banner/NetID password:

  1. Log in to Banner via the INB Launch Page.

    Note: If necessary, change your password prior to synchronizing. See Change Your Password for more information.

  2. Click the Banner Xtender Solutions button on the toolbar.

sync 1

3. The Message from Banner... window is displayed with the message Your BXS password has been automatically synchronized... Click the OK button.

sync 2

4. When you are finished, log out of INB.

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