Getting Started

Getting Started with Dynamic Forms

NextGen Dynamic forms is easy enough to use that anyone can build a simple form. If you are new to Dynamic Forms, if you don't have the time to learn how to create a form, or if the form you are requesting is complex, complete an Online Form Build Request form requesting Division of Information Technology (IT) assistance.

This ticket will initiate contact with IT who will work with you and your department to set up an Organization, set up the appropriate access to the Organization, and provide an overview of NextGen Dynamic Forms. IT can also assess the request and provide consultation on how best to proceed.

Request an Organization

Before you can build a form, your department will need an Organization created. Organizations are where a department's forms are stored, tested, and accessed. Visit the Support page for more information on how to request an Organization.

Request Access

Once your department has an Organization set up the Organization owner can request Viewer, Processor, and/or Developer access on your behalf. Visit the Support page for more information.

Accessing Dynamic Forms

Once you have been granted access to the department Organization, you can access Dynamic Forms using these steps:

  1. Log in to  NextGen Dynamic Forms.
  2. Sign in with your user credentials.
  3. Select the Organization for your department and click the GO button.

 Building a Single Participant Form

Visit the Build a Single Participant Form page for information on how to building a simple form.

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