Eprocurement Portal

  • 1. Logging in to the  Eprocurement Portal

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    In My.Emich, the Eprocurement login link can be found in the Finance (new pilot) card. 

    Eprocurement login 

    Use your NetID and password to login, Duo is required

    If you don't see the Finance (new pilot) card, follow these steps: 

    1. Log in to My.Emich 
    2. Click the “Discover More” button at the bottom of the interface
    3. Locate the “Finance (new pilot)” card in the My.Emich interface 
    4. Click the Favorite icon to mark the “Finance (new pilot)” card
    5. Click on the EMU logo to return to the main menu

    You should now see the Finance (new pilot) card


  • 2. Portal Home Screen

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    The Portal home screen has links to all the features you will need

    • The left-hand side has links to your Shopping Carts and your Orders 
    • In the middle of the screen you can access vendor catalogs for shopping 
    • On the right you'll see the Organization Message, and a handy link to View Carts 
  • 3. Shopping in Catalogs

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    You can shop using the Catalogs listed on the home screen 

    Eprocurement catalogs

    1. Click on a catalog to go to that online store 
    2. Shop at the vendor's online store. Search for products and fill your shopping cart 
    3. To place your order, “Check Out” at the vendor site

    Once you Check Out, you will be returned to the Eprocurement Portal and your items will be added to the Active Eprocurement shopping cart. 

  • 4. Managing Shopping Carts

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    • View a list of all your shopping carts by following these steps: Roll over Shop -> My Carts and Orders and click the View Carts link: view cart image
    • You will see a list of any carts you have populated for an order. One of your carts will be designated as Active. The Active cart is the cart that any new items will be added to. If you click on a cart, that cart becomes the Active shopping cart. list of carts image
    • You can view the items in a shopping cart by clicking on the Shopping Cart Name link

    Each shopping cart can become a separate order. You can have multiple vendors within one order. This streamlines approvals for your department administrator. 


  • 5. Proceed to Checkout

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     When you are ready to place an order, follow the steps below. All the items in your Active shopping cart will be included in your order. 

    • Click on the Proceed to Checkout button 

    proceed to checkout image




  • 6. Dept / Bldg

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    The first time you proceed to checkout, you will be prompted to enter your Department Name, and your Building. This will help your order get delivered to your office. If you have multiple locations you can enter them into the system.

    • Type in your Department Name and your Building 

    Department Building image

    • Click the Save button in the lower right. 

    Once you have entered your Department and Building, the system will remember it. If you have multiple addresses on campus see Purchasing for steps to store several addresses. 

  • 7. FOAP values 

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    Each time you place an order, you will need to enter your FOAP information. The Portal lays out your FOAP information in a different order than you are used to: 

    FOAP fields image


    Expense Type - this is the same as Account Code in Banner. 

    Program - this is the Banner Program Code. You will need to enter the appropriate Program Code for the Fund/Org that the charge will be applied to. Here is a list of Program Codes: 

    Program code image  

    Organization - your Org Code 

    Fund - your Fund Code 


  • 8. Place Order 

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    When you are ready, click on the Place Order button 

    Place order image

  • 9. Tracking Orders

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    • View a list of your orders by following these steps: Roll over Orders -> My Orders and click the My Requisitions link:

    My Orders image

    • You will see a list of all your orders 

    List of orders image

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