Manage Members: Delete Member

Deleting members unsubscribes them from the list. Unsubscribed members are removed, and do not
receive messages posted to the mailing list.

Follow the instructions below to delete members from your list:

1. From the "List Options" category located at the top left of the main page select "Subscribers".

Image one

2. On the next page scroll down to the "Subscriber Table".

3. Select the "Quiet" option and then select the users to remove.

4. Push the "Delete selected email address" button.

5. Lastly you will be asked to confirm the remove, select the "Confirm" button.

6. If you have more than one screen of users you will have to do this multiple times.

7. There is also a "Search for a User" option, just above the "Subscriber Table", if you are trying to remove a specific user. Type their address into the box and select "Search". If they exist you can then follow steps 4 through 5 for them.

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