Cascade Computers

  • Computers returned through the Computer Refresh Program (CRP) that meet current minimum support standards are securely erased, re-imaged, and reallocated as cascade computers.
    • Cascade computers are available for positions that are not eligible for the CRP.  This includes student employees, GAs, or part-time employees (NOTE:  position's salary must be paid through General or Auxiliary funds.  Grant-funded positions are ineligible.)
    • Cascade computers are available for short-term and temporary departmental check-out machines (limited supply)

    • Research laboratory use for GA, part-time, and student employees

    • Cascade units will not be placed in classrooms or computer labs.  They also cannot be used as a second computer for any employee.

    • Cascades must be approved by the I.T. Director of User Services.
    • Departments can request a cascade computer by completing the I.T. Help Desk Cascade Request Form.
  • Computers returned through the CRP that do not meet current minimum support standards undergo secure erasure prior to being dispensed through the University's standard surplus procedure.

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