Secure Remote Work

Because of COVID-19, Eastern Michigan University employees find themselves working remotely, either for the first time or more than ever before. We want to provide some guidance to help stay cyber-safe during this time.

The Basics

  • Be vigilant with emails you receive. Hackers and phishers are actively working to play on our emotions and take advantage of our collective COVID-19 anxieties. Be skeptical of emails that you receive from unexpected sources. The sender that you see may not be the true sender of the message. Links may not go where they seem like they would go. For anything even a little unusual we recommend verifying by communicating through a different channel. Try to avoid clicking links directly in email. If possible, find the information by directly visiting the company's web site.
  • Working remotely means new consideration on data handling. See our Sensitive Data Guide to see where sensitive data can be stored.
  • If you must download EMU data to a personal owned device, create a dedicated folder (or folders) to store all EMU files so that you can easily remove them when the University transitions back to normal operations.
  • If you print any files that contain EMU data, printouts should not be left where others can view them. Printouts should be disposed of by shredding or other fully destructive processes.
  • Make sure your computer’s operating system, web browser, and other software programs are up-to-date. Turn on automatic updates wherever possible. If you have Windows 10 or MacOS, visit our check up page to verify your computer meets these requirements. If you try this tool and have trouble please reach out to [email protected] for help.

More Basic Tips (05/19/2020)

  • Limit access to your work computer or other device(s) by
    • Ensuring your computer or device is secured so that is not easily accessed or stolen.
    • Locking your screen when not in use
  • Preventing use of your work device(s) by family and friends
  • Avoid installing software and games that are not necessary for work on your work computer.
  • Be cautious when viewing or sharing information on social media. Given the present need for social distancing, it might be tempting to post more than usual.
  • Keep all smart home devices (e.g. Nest Thermostats, Amazon Echos, Google Home devices, etc.) up to date with the latest security patches and app updates, just as you do with your computer and smartphone.

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