My.Emich - Faculty Services

In the My.Emich Faculty Services tab, Faculty will find services to help manage their classes and students, and Faculty Advisors will find services needed to advise students.

Faculty Services Main Menu

The Faculty Services main menu offers the following instructor services:

  • Viewing Assigned Courses
  • Submitting Final Grades
  • Viewing a Final Grade Summary
  • Viewing/Printing Class Rosters
  • Printing Class Attendance Sheets

Visit the Self-Service Banner Faculty Services Guide for more information.

Faculty Services - Student Information Menu

The Faculty Services Student Information menu offers the following student services:

  • Viewing Student Information
  • Viewing Addresses and Phone Numbers
  • Viewing a Class Schedule
  • Viewing An Academic Transcript
  • Viewing Test Scores
  • Viewing Student Holds
  • Viewing Transfer Credits
  • Viewing High School Information
  • Viewing Academic Events (e.g. LBC Credits)

Visit the Self-Service Banner Student Information Guide for more information.

Faculty Services - Course/Class Schedule Menu

The Faculty Services Course/Class Schedule menu offers the following schedule services:

  • Viewing Class Details
  • Viewing Course Details

Visit the Self-Service Banner Course/Class Schedule Guide for more information.

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