Virtru Secure Secure Share

Virtru Secure Share is a web based tool that allows EMU employees to securely exchange files with other EMU employees, or with those external to the university. Secure Share uses complex encryption to secure files and permits users to share files much larger than those they can send via email.  

Examples of Virtru Secure Share Uses

  • EMU employee requests a file drop from a prospective student to securely receive required admissions documents that include sensitive data.
  • An authorized EMU employee securely exchanges a file containing PII data with an approved vendor to meet contractual requirements. 
  • EMU employees can share files larger than those permitted to be shared through email.


Please note:  All Board of Regents and I.T. policies listed below are now available in  EMU PolicyTech.  

  • EMU BOARD OF REGENTS POLICY 8.2 Access to Student Records 
  • EMU BOARD OF REGENTS POLICY 15.2 Information Technology Security and Confidentiality 
  • EMU I.T. POLICY 7.1 Statement of Confidentiality
  • EMU I.T. POLICY: 7.3 Privacy and Monitoring of Electronically-Stored Records
  • EMU I.T. POLICY 8.2 Acceptable Encryption
  • EMU I.T. POLICY 8.10 Data Encryption
  • EMU I.T. POLICY 8.11 Security Configuration Standards for non-IT Managed Systems
  • EMU I.T. POLICY 8.15 Access Control
  • EMU I.T. PROCEDURE 8.15.P.1 Access Control - DoIT Systems Privileged Access Request
  • EMU I.T. PROCEDURE 8.15.P.2 Access Control - DoIT Systems Privileged Access Termination
  • EMU I.T. PROCEDURE 8.15.P.3 Identification of Anomalous Login Activity
  • EMU I.T. POLICY 8.16 Information Security Program

Additional Resources

Using Virtru Secure Share

The permitted (Yes), the not permitted (No), and those needing to contact I.T. (Contact I.T.) are listed in three columns in the matrix below.


  • Attorney/Client Privilege
  • I.T. Security Information
  • Private Personal Information
  • Student Educational Records (FERPA)
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Student Loan Application Information (GLBA)
  • Other Sensitive University Data
  • All Other Research Data
  • Protected Health Information (HIPAA)
  • Sensitive Human Subject Research


  • Credit Card Information (PCI)
  • Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)

Contact IT

  • N/A
Note:  Don't see what you need? Email the I.T. Security Team at [email protected].

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