Voice Messages


A quick reference guide of the voice message features you can activate from your VoIP phone is available by clicking on the Voice Message Quick Reference Guide in the 'Documentation' box on the right.

Your voice message storage capacity is limited to 19MB. A one minute message takes up approximately 480KB of storage providing for approximately 39 saved messages. Mailbox quotas have three different levels of warning messages: warning, send, and send/receive. Mailbox users will receive a quota warning message as follows:

  • Level 1 - Send and receive still possible (15MB stored)
  • Level 2 - Sending messages not possible (17MB stored)
  • Level 3 - No sending or receiving of messages is possible until some messages are deleted (19MB stored)

As saved messages age, they will be moved to the 'Deleted Items Folder' in 14 days and permanently deleted in 15 days.

Contained in the Voice Message Quick Reference Guide are steps to:

  • play new or old (saved) messages
  • actions you can take during message playback
  • actions you can take after message playback
  • options to reply, forward, or send a message
  • record a standard or alternate greeting
  • create a private list
  • change your PIN number
  • change your recorded name

Note: Some features contained in the voice message menus are currently unavailable such as Message Notifications, Menu Style, Directory Listing Status and Transfer Settings.

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