Google Drive

Google Drive replaces the former “U:Drive” as a personal share drive. This advance allows file access and sharing 24/7 from virtually any device and from any place with secure internet access.


  • Faculty member posts subject-matter documents in a shared folder on Google Drive for their students.
  • Students post classroom notes and course materials on Google Drive to be accessed from their residence computer or a mobile device such as laptop or an iPad, 24/7, in class, and any computer lab on campus, as well as any location with WiFi or other Internet access on or off campus.
  • Any user can share documents with anyone on the Internet, subject to policies, and data security and other aplicable laws such as copyright. Google Drive is not an exception to any laws.


Generally speaking, you may store student educational data such as student papers/projects, grades and EIDs in Google Drive. However, the types of data that must NOT be stored in Google Drive are listed in the table below.

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Using Google Drive

The permitted (Yes), the not permitted (No), and those needing to contact I.T. (Contact I.T.) are listed in three columns in the matrix below.


  • All Other Research Data
  • Attorney/Client Privilege
  • I.T. Security Information
  • Private Personal Information
  • Student Education Records (FERPA)
  • Sensitive Human Subject Research
  • Other Sensitive University Data


  • Protected Health Information (HIPPA)
  • Credit Card Information (PCI)
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)
  • Student Loan Application Information (GLBA)

Contact IT

  • N/A
Note: Don't see what you need? Email the I.T. Security Team at [email protected]

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