The Main Options Section is the default page when you first select a mailing list.

  1. You may want to add or remove other Owners or Moderators. You can do this by clicking on Pencil icon by the list of Owners or Moderators.
  2. You have to add new Owners or Moderators one at a time, but you can remove as you need to in one selection.
  3. For Owners to be able to add or remove other Owners, they need to have the "privileged owner" box checked when they are added.
  4. Note : if there are no Moderators listed then all Owners are also Moderators, but if there are specific Moderators on the list, then Owners are not Moderators by default.
  • Setting Sender Options

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    The "Sending/receiving setup" is used control the privacy of your list. It allows you to create a public or private list.

    An announcement-only list should generally be kept private unless there is a need to have non-members request a membership or self-subscribe. While a public list should force its members to authenticate their messages to the list for extra security.

    When your list was setup and configured for you it should have been setup with a specific "Who can send messages" Scenario, appropriate to the style of list you requested. If you wish to change this we would recommend opening up a support ticket with IT and reference your list address (ie [email protected]) and detail the changes you wish to make. While list owners can change this for themselves the choices are not exactly easy to figure out.

  • Setting Moderator Options

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    Moderation settings determine who can automatically post an email to a list and who requires prior approval. In a private non-discussion list, only authorized senders should be able to post. All other messages should be handled by the list moderation options. They are frequently set to auto-discard.

    We recommend that if you wish to change how users and owners send to your list that you contact I.T. support by opening a support ticket. Moderation is not used very often on our new list software and we should be ask a few questions and figure out how to help you configure your list setup for you.

  • Adjusting Moderation For Specific Members

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    You can no longer adjust moderation for specific list members; either the whole list is moderated, or no one is.


  • Changing the List Header and Footer

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    Header and footer information are automatically included when a message is sent to the list membership. It is optional to add a header. The default footer can be optionally changed to help maintain list privacy, or add supplemental information to the end of authorized postings.

    Follow the instructions below to add a header or change the footer of your list:

    • To add a Header or a Footer to a Sympa list you will need open a IT support Ticket and request help setting up such for your email list(s).

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