Eastern Michigan University

Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) Reports List

Student Information ReportsAcademic Departments use the following reports to:
  • Student List - Majors only - View student progress towards a degree.
  • Graduation Applications VOD v2.1 - Track students who have applied to graduate or have graduated.
  • UG Majors Minors Change Report - Determine if students have changed majors. 
  • UG Prereq Grade List v2.1 - Verify that a student met a course's pre-requisite requirements.
  • Conditional Admits - Verify student conditional admit terms, especially for students wishing to assume a GA role.
  • Graduate Application Status - Verify status of student's application, especially for students wishing to assume a GA role.
  • Class List - Obtain a concise list of course's enrolled students, along with student major and email address.

Course Schedules Reports: Academic Department use the following reports to:

  • Section Enrollment VOD - Track course enrollments and view course schedule information.
  • Class Schedule Audit for Dept. Schedulers - Verify schedule details not included on other reports, which include section attributes, grade mode, and print status (i.e. available in Self-Service Banner).
  • Course Grade Distribution - Track student performance in cognate courses.

Employee Reports: Academic Departments use the following report to:

  • Faculty Assignment Review v2.1 - Track Part-time Lecturer assignments processed using FLAC.
  • Faculty Load Report - Verify semester teaching assignments by instructor/faculty.
  • EPAF Routing - Track ePAF status; especially useful when ePAF orginator differs/leaves (including separations). Look up student employment position numbers-Identify active positions for a particular fund/org.
Finance Reports - Budget Managers use the following reports to:
  • Transaction Detail  - View a list of transactions for a specific department account.
  • Labor Distribution - Verify Payroll runs; verify application of PAFs and University release time (submitted to HRIS external to normal PAF procedure).
  • College Work Study Balance - Verify student eligibility for college work study confirm their remaining Work Study award.  
  • Req to Check - Track a purchase from requitition creation to check generation.
  • Fund Hierarchy with Agency - Identify fund codes and, if sponsored research, funding agency
    Account Hierarchy-Identify accurrate account codes for any/all transactions (income/revenue, expense, transfers, etc.)
  • Organization Fund and Program Defaults - Identify/verify organzations and associated funds as well as fund status (active/inactive)
  • Organization Hierarchy - Identify/verify organzational approver(s); codes also correspond to fields requiring user input in Concur.
  • Development Fund Balance Report - Endowed-Expendable: At-a-glance balance reference for departments with endowed and expendable funds.
  • Organization Budget Status (General, Aux., etc) - At-a-glance balance reference for departments with pertinent funds.
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