Eastern Michigan University

Zoom Video Conferencing Service

EMU provides Zoom Video/Audio Conferencing Services to support our community's virtual instruction and collaboration needs.  All EMU employees and enrolled students have licensed access to Zoom and can host or join meetings from anywhere; all you need is an Internet connection and a Windows computer, Mac computer, Android device or IOS device. Scheduling a virtual session (maximum 300 participants) is also easy given its integration with Google Calendar.

Latest Updates

Note: Given the sudden, widespread implementation of Zoom, there have been several highly publicized security concerns. Zoom is working to address these issues. See the Securing Your Zoom Meetings page for I.T.'s recommendations for securing your meetings.

Sign in to Zoom

You must sign in to Zoom to activate your EMU associated Zoom account. Once you have logged into Zoom the first time, you are set to use Zoom when scheduling meetings.  When you login to Zoom, you may be asked to install the Zoom client for your device. We recommend installing the Zoom client for best performance.

  1. Using your browser, navigate to https://emich.zoom.us
  2. Sign in with your EMU NetID and password.

Using Your EMU Google Calendar to Schedule Zoom Meetings

Zoom is integrated with Google Calendar to facilitate scheduling of virtual instruction or meetings.  To schedule a Zoom meeting:

  1. Open your EMU Google Calendar
  2. Create a new meeting.
  3. Click More Options.

    More options button
  4. Click the down-arrow next to Add Conferencing.

    Add conferencing option
  5. Select Zoom Meeting.

    Select Zoom conf
  6. Details of your Zoom conference are added to your Google Calendar meeting.

    Zoom calendar link 
  7. A message may display next to the Zoom meeting link, prompting you to Sign In to Zoom. If so, sign in to Zoom with your EMU NetID and password and click the Authorize button to grant Google Calendar access to your Zoom account. (You will only be prompted to complete this step the first time.)

    Google calendar permission
  8. Complete any remaining Meeting Details including Meeting Title, Date, Time and Invitees.
  9. Click the Save button. All invitees will receive an email with meeting details and a link and instructions for joining the Zoom conference by phone or video conference.

Using Zoom for Virtual Instruction and Office Hours

Zoom has a number of advanced features which are ideal for use by faculty. Once you schedule your meeting in Google Calendar, sign in to Zoom to edit your meeting and turn on these features.

EMU Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

See these links for EMU branded virtual backgrounds that you can use with Zoom.

Scheduling Privileges

If you setup meetings for others and need to include a Zoom conference link, scheduling privileges must be configured to allow executive assistants to schedule Zoom meetings.  

Learn More

Zoom provides a wealth of online documentation, video tutorials and training classes. Check out the following resources to learn more about specific Zoom features.