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Classroom Technology -- Frequently Asked Questions


What if I encounter a problem with the technology?

Rooms are equipped with a VoIP telephone with a Support button. Issues can often be resolved quickly in a phone call. However, a technician is dispatched to the room after the call is initiated in the event that a resolution is not met over the phone.


How do I use my own computer or tablet in the classroom?

There are HDMI and VGA cables in the room to connect laptops, tablets, etc. If your device does not have a standard HDMI or VGA connector, be sure to bring your adapter/dongle.

Is there a computer in the classroom?

There is a Windows thin-client computer, capable of providing a basic computer experience. There are also cables available to connect a laptop computer.


How can I use PowerPoint Presenter view on the classroom thin-client?
Presenter view requires a dual display device. The thin-client in the classroom provides a single video output. The confidence monitor and the projector or television in the room are always mirrored outputs. This is a limitation of the hardware in the classroom cart. To use Presenter view, you must bring a laptop and utilize the auxiliary VGA or HDMI connection.


How can I use my data on the classroom computer?

Information Technology strongly recommends using the unlimited storage of Google Drive included with Google Apps for Education. USB flash drives and other Internet based storage solutions are also available.


Can I play a CD in the classroom?
The Blu-ray player in the classroom can play CDs. Sound will play through the in-room speakers.


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