Eastern Michigan University

Banner Eco-System - Overview

The Banner Eco-System consists of a suite of administrative systems that aid faculty, staff, and students when performing critical tasks associated with various supported business processes. 

Administrative Systems

  • Application Xtender - View admissions documents and other student records online.
  • Banner Workflow - Process graduate applications.
  • Banner Admin Pages - Banner forms for power users.
  • BOE Reporting - Section enrollment data, lists of Majors, and much more.
  • Banner Self Services - Register, view academic records, submit grades, report time, and much more.
  • ConcurSolutions - Report travel expenses and manage PCard transactions.
  • EAB Starfish - Provide Faculty and Advisors with tools to identify students that may be at risk of not persisting and provide students with tools to request assistance.

Banner Eco-System

Supported Business Processes

Applicants & Students

Courses & Sections

  • Managing Course Schedules - Manage departmental schedules.

Budget & Purchasing

  • Viewing Departmental Budgets   - Access your department's budgetary numbers and account balances.
  • Managing Travel & Payment Cards - Request and report travel; verify charges and make adjustments before applying to departmental account. 
  • Entering Requisitions - Create and approve purchasing requisitions. 


  • Viewing Personal Information - Access  benefit plans, leave balances, W2 forms, and pay information.
  • Reporting Time and Leave  - Report, review, and approve work/leave reported by an employee.
  • Managing EPAF/FLAC - Process Student, Graduate Assistant, and Part-Time Lecturer employment.
Division of Information Technology

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