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Indexing a Batch (Documents)

Once a batch of documents have been retrieved, you will need to index the batch so that you can easily search for and locate them at a later time.

Follow these directions to index a batch of documents:

  1. Click the Next Page button on the toolbar to navigate to a document you want to index. Shortcut: Press the [Page Dn] key on the keyboard.
  2. Click the New Document button on the toolbar. Shortcut: Press the [CTRL] [N] keys on the keyboard.
    Indexing a Batch (Documents)
  3. The Indexing window is displayed. Click in the field you want to work with. Shortcut: Press the [Tab] key on the keyboard to navigate between fields.

    Note: Pressing the [Enter] key on the keyboard will save your work and navigate to the next document in the batch. Using this key to navigate between fields will display an error message, unless you have entered a value in all required fields.
  4. Enter any required information in the Values column.

    Note: The bolded labels in the Fields column require a value in the Values column. Some information may populate automatically based on information you are providing. The fields with pull-down arrows may require that you click them twice for the pull-down arrow to display. Shortcut: Press the [Space] bar on the keyboard and use the [Up Arrow] and [Down Arrow] keys on the keyboard to navigate these fields.
  5. When you are finished, click the Save button to save your work. Shortcut: Press the [Enter] key on the keyboard.

    Note: The document is now indexed and removed from the batch. The next document in the batch is displayed in the Document Manager window. Attempting to save you work before entering all required information will generate an error message.
  6. Repeat these steps until all the desired documents in the batch have been indexed.

    Note: To save time when entering values in the remaining batched documents, press the [F9] key on the keyboard to populate the Indexing window with the most recently entered index data.

    Alternately, you can copy the contents of the Indexing window by right-clicking on one of the column headings (e.g. Fields and/or Values) and selecting Copy Form from the menu. You can then paste in in the Indexing window of a new document, change any data, and save your work.

  7. When you are finished, the ApplicationXtender window with the message You have finished indexing this batch. Do you wish to index another batch? is displayed. Click the No button. Shortcut: Press the [Y] key on the keyboard.
    Indexing a Batch (Documents)
  8. The Document Manager window is now empty. When you are finished, close AppXtender Document Manager. Shortcut: Press the [Alt] [F4] keys on the keyboard.
    Indexing a Batch (Documents)