Eastern Michigan University

Common Questions and Answers


Who will be enrolled in the program?

All faculty, lecturers and regular staff and will be enrolled in the program.  

How will program results and data be used?

Assignment completion data will be reported to the executive team to facilitate helping everyone complete the program.  Results may also be used to customize assignments or program options where one or more groups may benefit from additional information or training.

Anonymized statistical, aggregate and/or summary analysis data about program participation and results may be publicly released and used in publications. Data that identifies one or more individuals or employment classes will not be publicly released.

Why are we requiring this training?

Computer security threats represent a risk for employees both at the office and at home.  This training is intended to help all of us all better understand cyber security and thus reduce the risk of being victimized. Recognizing and avoiding cybersecurity risks will avoid loss of money, time and data while also avoiding extra stress both at work and at home.

As just one example, it is estimated that the cost of phishing in lost employee productivity runs about $180 per employee per year.  At EMU, that estimate approaches $400,000 in annual lost productivity.


Program Contacts:

[email protected] or

Rocky Jenkins at [email protected]  or 734.487.3145.