Eastern Michigan University

Getting Started with Google Apps


Go to the EMU Google Apps for Education log in page. Alternately, you can log into my.emich.edu and click the Google Mail icon located in the top, right corner.

I’m concerned that some of my EagleMail messages did not get copied to Google Apps?

1. "There's nothing in my Google Inbox" or "I didn't get that email."

Google sets up three tabs for inbound email – Primary, Social, and Promotions. Some EMU email is being placed in the "Promotions" tab instead of the "Primary" tab. The quickest way for students to see all mail is to select the "All Mail" folder (left column). They can also go into the settings for their accounts and configure their inboxes to only have a Primary tab.

2. "I can't get to my email" or "EagleMail won't let me log in."

Once migrated to Google, their old EagleMail accounts are locked (not deleted) and cannot be accessed. Have the student try logging in at google.emich.edu. If that doesn't work, please have them call the I.T. Help Desk at 734.487.2120.

3. "I don't get email on my smart phone anymore."

They have been migrated to Google and need to set up a new email client on their mobile devices. Links to instructions for Android and Apple devices can be found at www.emich.edu/google.

(Note: At other times, this problem occurs when the email password has been changed by the student and the student also needs to update their email profile on their smartphone.)

4. "Where is my EagleMail calendar and my contacts?"

These require a manual import. Steps on how to migrate calendars and contacts are listed in the "Migration Guide" available at www.emich.edu/google. The student will need to contact the I.T. Help Desk to have their EagleMail account unlocked (so they can access the items to be migrated). Student EagleMail accounts will be available through October 1, 2014 for this manual migration process.

For general assistance, please contact the .IT. Help Desk at 734.487.2120. Most email-related questions can be handled over the phone. Get additional information about the new Google email service.