Eastern Michigan University

Limitations Affecting the Transition to Google Apps

There are several limitations in the way that Zimbra data transitions to Google Apps. 


  • Google adheres to the industry standard of 25MB per email message and attachments.
    • Messages smaller than 25MB will be copied to Google Mail with the attachment(s) 
    • Messages larger than 25MB will be copied to Google Mail but the attachment(s) will not
    • Executable files (.exe, .jar, etc.) will not be copied to Google Mail, regardless of size


  • Meetings import into Google Calendar but the participant list does not.
    • Meeting organizers should end all meetings on their Zimbra calendar (single-instance or
      recurring) prior to the transition
    • Meeting organizers should plan to recreate the meetings in Google Calendar following their transition
  • Reminders do not import into Google Calendar.
    • Notifications can be added to all events by modifying the default Notification in your calendar settings
  • All-day events reflect a status of "Busy" when imported into Google Calendar. 


  • Contact Group names import into Google Contacts, but the list of group members does not.


Note: EagleMail tasks, filters, preferences, Zimlets, tags, and flags cannot be migrated to Google Apps.