Eastern Michigan University

VoIP - Available Phones and Accessories

The VoIP phone system provides an extensible platform to increase and improve communication options for members of the campus community.  To request a quote for any of these options, please complete the VoIP Quote Request form (Login with EMU NetID/Password, if prompted).  The request will generate a Help Desk Ticket to track your request.  EMU I.T. will email you a vendor quote to use to place your order .  

Please note: To ensure reliable 911 emergency services, VoIP accessories may only be ordered and used in buildings that are presently using VoIP technology.

Available phones, options, and accessories

Cisco 8845 Phone Graphic


Cisco 8845 Phone - Standard VoIP Phone


Basic Features:

  • Up to four lines
  • Color display
  • Light on handset indicates when new voice mail messages arrive
  • Video calls with others on campus using compatible phones
  • Customizable ringtones
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Please note that this phone cannot be wall-mounted

Cisco Jawbone Bluetooth Headset Graphic - Icon Sized

Cisco Jawbone Icon Bluetooth Headset


Basic Features:

  • Is compatible with Cisco 8945 phone
  • Works with most mobile phones
  • Provides hands free convenience

 Cisco 7937g Conference Phone Graphic - Icon Sized


Cisco 8831 Phone - Conference Room Phone


Basic Features:

  • Advanced speakerphone for use in conference rooms 
  • Available with microphone extensions for use in larger rooms (see below)
  • Superior wide-band acoustics

Cisco 7937 Microphone Extenders Graphic - Icon Sized. 


Cisco 8831 Conference Phone - Microphone Extenders


Basic Features:

  • Extends the 8831 phone for use in larger conference rooms
  • Expands the 8831 phone's room coverage by    30 - 40 feet
 Cisco Model 8821 Image

Cisco 8821 Wi-Fi Phone 


Basic Features:

  • Provides "cordless phone" convenience using the EMU Wi-Fi network in buildings upgraded to "Enhanced" wi-fi service. Please note: This phone will not work in most exterior green spaces where a wi-fi signal is not readily available.
  • Allows your phone to function anywhere on campus where enhanced wi-fi service is available.
  • Provides a convenient option for duty phones.
Longer Handset Cords 

Longer Handset Cords 


Need a longer handset cord? Order them directly from http://cablesys.com. A black, standard, modular handset-cord with a 4" lead is available in 6 ft, 12 ft, and 25 ft options.  

Other Items

Are you looking for an item or feature that is not provided in the list of options above?  If so, email us at [email protected] describing your question or specific need, and we will respond to your request.