Eastern Michigan University

View on Demand (VOD)

View on Demand gives you a live query to get the latest data available. Only the reports in the Dept Reports category are currently set up for VOD. Follow these steps:

    1. Right-click the report name and select View from the pull-down menu.
      If there is no View option, then select History to find the previously scheduled report output file in the list.
      BOE VOD
    2. Select your Output Format:
      • Select Crystal - Printable Format to view the data online or print it
      • Select Excel - Data Format to export as an Excel file
      • Term code - choose the term from the drop-down list (except on current Majors/Minors reports)
    3. Select at least one parameter from College, Department, Major, etc.
      Be careful with the parameter fields, incorrect parameters will result in no data being returned.
    4. Click the OK button to perform your query.
      Different reports have different parameters, depending on the data in the report.
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