Eastern Michigan University

Form Processor Guide

Accessing Document Queues

NextGen Dynamic Forms Organizations are where submitted forms (aka documents) are processed. You need Processor access to your department's Organization before you can view and process documents. Visit the Support page for more information on requesting Processor access to an Organization.

Login to the NextGen Dynamic Forms and then visit the Working in Queues page for more information on working in queues form.
  1. Log in to NextGen Dynamic Forms using your NetID credentials.
    If you have access to multiple organizations the Organization field is displayed; else skip to step 3.
  2. Select the desired organization from Organization field and click the GO button.
    A list of forms associated with the Organization is displayed.
  3. Click the number under the work queue you want to review.
    The Work Queue page is displayed.
    Note: Once a document is submitted it will move through the following work queues:
    • Reject - The document has been returned to the previous participant for correction.
    • Multi - Requires one or more participant signatures.
    • Pending - All participant signatures have been obtained and the document is awaiting processing.
    • Processed  - The document has been processed and can be deleted or archived.
    • Archived  - The document has been archived.

Processing a Document

The EMU implementation of NextGen Dynamic Forms does not allow live editing of forms. This means that the ability to edit a form is not available if there are documents in any of the form's queues.

Login to the  NextGen Dynamic Forms  and then visit the  Working in Queues page for more information on working in queues form.
  1. Click the PDF button associated with the desired document.
    The document opens in PDF format.
  2. Verify the document is ready for processing.
  3. From the Pending queue, select the desired document(s) and then click the Process Selected Forms button.
    The documents move to the Processed queue.
    Additional Document Processing Features:
    • PDF - Click the  PDF  button associated with the desired document(s) to view the document in PDF format.
    • HTML - Click the  HTML  button associated with the desired document(s)  to view the document in a browser window.
    • Audits - click the  Audit  button associated with the desired document(s)  to view a document's audit trail details.
    • Selecting Form Submissions  - Select the desired document(s) and click the desired action (e.g., process, pend, archive, delete, etc.). Deleting a form is a permanent action.
    • Export to Excel  - Select the desired document(s) and click the  Export to Excel  button.
    • Sorting  - Click the column header to sort the column in ascending or descending order.