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Duo Security

Video: "EMU's Two-factor Authentication with Duo"


All EMU accounts (employees, current students, recent students and alumni) must enroll in and use Duo to access most EMU online services.

Duo Security is a two-factor authentication solution. Much like your ATM card and ATM PIN, Duo makes use of “something you know” like your password and “something you have” such as your phone. Even if your password is stolen, cybercriminals cannot access your Duo protected services without access to your phone.

How do I self-enroll in Duo and setup my smartphone? 

Duo self-enrollment for your device can be completed at https://duo.emich.edu .   Detailed enrollment instructions are available on the Duo Tips page.  An enrollment process video demo is available on the Duo Guide site .)  Early enrollment well in advance of the deadline is recommended.

TIP:  Use Duo Push on your SmartPhone for the fastest and most secure way to approve your login.

Should I enroll multiple devices?

Yes. We recommend enrolling your mobile phone as your primary device and your office phone, home phone, or tablet device as a backup, in case you forget your primary device at home. 

How do I get individual help with the enrollment process?

For individual enrollment assistance, visit the I.T. Help Desk in 106 Halle during the self-enrollment period.

TIP: If you ever need to manage, add, or remove devices, please return to https://duo.emich.edu


How can I participate if I do not have a smartphone?

A smartphone is recommended but not required to use Duo.  Duo can call any phone that you register on your account.

What systems are protected by Duo?

Once enrolled, Duo is required to log on to most EMU services including Google Mail, Google Apps, Canvas, Banner, VPN and other common services.

TIP: I hate having to push the button all the time to login!  You can set Duo to "Remember this device for 7 days" so that you're only prompted for Duo once per week for each browser you use. You'll find this option on the screen where you click to send a Duo Push.   

Why is Duo mandatory for employees and students?

EMU aspires to protect all sensitive data to the best of our ability.  Two-factor authentication is the best available defense against “phishing”.  Auditor recommendations, industry best practices and federal law enforcement all recommend that organizations like EMU adopt a policy requiring two-factor authentication for all employees. A large population of EMU employees (more than 5,200 people) are already required to use Duo to access Banner and VPN.

Please Note: If you are traveling to Cuba, Iran, Crimea, North Korea, Syria, or Sudan, you must delete the Duo Mobile app from any devices you take with you. Additionally, you cannot take a Duo hardware token with you. Both Duo Mobile and the hardware tokens use cryptographic technology that is subject to Federal export control regulations. While traveling in one of these embargoed countries, use a phone call or passcodes retrieved using SMS to authenticate with Duo. Contact the office of Research Compliance (7-3090) if you have questions.

Where can I find more information?

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  • Manage, add or remove devices from your Duo account 


  • Duo video demo of enrollment process 


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Learn how to use a D100 Token by clicking here.

Questions or Need Help?

If you have any questions or need assistance, I.T. Service Portal (login with your NetID, if prompted).