Eastern Michigan University

New Banner Features


As part of the Banner upgrade that occurred a few months ago, some helpful new capabilities are available that you might not be aware of.


Feature 1 : Settings button

The Settings button is available on many Banner Admin pages and allows you to save your preferences for:

  • Pagination (number of records per page)
  • User defined filters
  • Column placements and size

Changes you’ve made to the default settings are easily identified by blue highlights. Your custom settings will be retained for future sessions unless you specifically choose to restore the defaults.


Feature 2: Banner Landing page change 

When you login to Banner, a Search function is now available on the Landing page. Search allows you to identify Admin Pages, jobs or reports using only a partial name; alternately, you may choose to use Direct Navigation.

You can customize your Banner experience by designating your preferred search type and choice of landing page, and saving your settings for future sessions. The impact of these changes is limited to your account and has no impact on other users.

The hamburger icon on left of landing page will show  the signed in username and a click on that will get to Personal settings page. 

Within Personal Settings, you can save your:

  • Search type (Partial Name or Direct Navigation)
  • Landing page (preferred Admin page)







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